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WALLINGFORD, CT – January 22, 2018 – Two managers at Regency House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Wallingford were recently singled out as some of the best employees in a network of more than 7,000 employees. National Health Care Associates awarded David Bond, administrator of Regency House, the title of “Distinguished Administrator,” while Nikki Lieto received the “Silver Plate Award” for 2017.

David Bond, received his award due in part to leading many successes over his years with National Health Care Associates, most recently at Regency House of Wallingford, including recent state surveys, receiving recognition as a “Best Nursing Home” from U.S. News & World Report, CMS 5 Star rating, “Customer Experience Award” from independent customer service polling group (Pinnacle Quality Insights), and positive employee surveys to name a few.

In addition to his role as administrator in Wallingford, Mr. Bond also serves as a reg

ional director of operations, mentoring several other administrators in areas of their facility operations. Mr. Bond has been with National Health Care Associates (NHCA) since 2009.



Nikki Lieto, director of dining services as Regency House was selected to receive National’s “Silver Plate Award” after her department received the highest Pinnacle Quality Insights’ scores for Dining and Food Service, combined across all 40 National Health Care centers. In addition to receiving the highest Pinnacle scores, Ms. Lieto is also a lead director of dining services for NHCA, mentoring new directors of dining services in Connecticut centers, as well as overseeing various large-scale public events requiring her leadership in dining services.

Since 2012, National Health Care Associates (NHCA), the manager and operator of Regency House, has contracted with Pinnacle Quality Insights, an independent polling company to provide customer service results for their 40 centers. Pinnacle performs this service for more than 1,100 similar organizations in almost every state in the country. Pinnacle is charged with contacting current and recently discharged patients and family members to learn about their overall and specific experiences with NHCA centers, rating them on a scale of one to five. Participants are also encouraged to provide specific feedback on any one of 10 areas in the center, as well as any observations or comments they have regarding any program or service.

The results are tabulated and shared with centers. Additionally, the results for each center are compared against all NHCA-related centers, as well as Pinnacle’s national average. Regency House received the highest overall rating for all NHCA-affiliated centers, earning them the “National Customer Service Cup” in 2014.